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Heirloom Stone Reset

Heirloom Stone Reset

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Step 1: Purchase a setting from the dropdown menu, which includes the standard $500 reset fee.

Step 2: Our customer care team asks for photos of the stone in its current condition and its certification. 

Step 3: We email you a waiver form detailing our policies for you to sign.

Step 4: Customer care sends instructions for shipping your stone to us. Please also send us the tracking information.

Step 5: We inspect the quality of the stone to be sure it is settable.

Step 6: If the stone passes inspection, we send an intake form confirming the condition of your stone for you to sign via email.

Step 7: Our jewelers set your stone. 

Step 8: We ship the finished piece back to you!

  • We accept natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and sapphires certified by GIA, IGI, EGL, or a similar lab. 
  • Our current timeline for an heirloom reset is 6-8 weeks after we receive the stone.
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